Founded in 2015, BoAime makes premium branded apparel for modern, urbanite and young-at-heart clients. Our products are fair trade, high craft, comfortable and yet truly unique. Based in metropolitan Montreal and produced in our own factory in Saigon, we have built a diverse team to create an eclectic design concept where east meets west in beautiful contradiction.




From barely nothing to whimsical…

The world has evolved in such a way that fashionable women dress in a global chic way – and one’s style has nothing to do anymore with the city one lives in. There is an international group of people sharing the same fashion sense and feeling. A BoAime woman carries that very spirit – a global traveler, a romantic bohemian with a slight touch of rock and roll – and she likes her ethnic craftsmanship. BoAime pieces are to collect and build up as part of your essential wardrobe; effortless, wearable pieces that define a style within yourself, original in how you wear them and make them your own.




BoAime is a blend of vibrant culture, color and an endless source of love and inspiration.

At the core of the company’s values is a passion to make a difference in the world. BoAime supports the women in our workshop with above industry-standard compensation, technical training and skill development. We also seek to promote flexible work arrangements and a healthy work-life balance. Many of our employees support their extended families in underserved areas throughout rural Vietnam. The ‘behind the seams’-part to us is truly everything. We know every person that touches your clothes. We care for them so that they love what they do.




A highly trained and efficient team, ready to design, produce and distribute clothes that respond to our customer’s needs. We don’t consider ourselves a trend, nor seasonal, but as a complete style. We aim for women that feel and share the same globally, easy chic sense for fashion. We offer not too precious, nor overdone-pieces that clearly stand out, but not in an obvious way.




BoAime’s colors and textures reflect a lifestyle that is rich in both beauty and creativity. Each collection incorporates intricate handmade embellishments and the responsible use of natural resources. We create luxurious basics in conscientious selected organic fabrics such as pure silk, crêpe de chine, soft washed linen, vintage lace, cashmere and bamboo, that one can wear every day. We love to insert our signature hand embroideries for a romantic finishing in all our pieces. We aim for a perfect blend of femininity with an edge. Always bearing in mind that every piece renders an effortless, chic and wearable vibe; integrity on a hanger, so to say. The clothes have the feel of something made meticulously, slowly by hand and artisanal. All beautiful and unique, with a fair price.