Designer Profile

Mimi Ledo studied Math and Science, but her love for traveling and textile lead her to fashion, a bridge from inspiration to expression. She always wanted a creative outlet that allowed her to share all the inspirational beauty she experienced during her never ending travels. She threw herself into the industry in late 2010 and focused on manufacturing for other brands. She started small, with strong fundaments, and grew slowly, quietly and organically, without ever loosing eye on details.

She continues to give back to her community via BoAime. Manufacturing is not as glamorous as fashion, but the ‘behind the seams’ part is at the core of the business. BoAime hires women from poverty and underserved rural areas of Vietnam.

“We know every person that touches our clothes and we pay them well. We care for them so they love what they do. I want to send out the message of empowering women and supporting local communities and business loud and clear.”

“Starting a small, sustainable business is indeed a learning curve. Building a team of artisans and working together to incorporate old techniques into new ideas takes time, inspiration, patience and many attempts to get it right, but it is so worth the effort.”

“Fashion is probably older than written history. To me it’s a bridge from inspiration to expression. When that works, it allows us to capture the colors of life and enables us to wrap ourselves in it. Creativity is not necessarily about finding something new, but about finding a new way to look at something familiar.”

With that vision and ethos, BoAime is born.


Interview: Mimi Ledo – Founder of BoAime – Lost Guides (November 6th, 2015)