In 2008, BoAime introduced a new face of Vietnam to the rest of the world.

A blend of vibrant culture, colors and an endless source of love and inspiration.

Based in metropolitan Montreal, and produced in our workshop in VietNam, we have built a diverse team to create an eclectic design concept where east meets west in beautiful contradiction.

BoAime’s colors and textures reflect a lifestyle that is rich in both beauty and creativity. Each collection incorporates a twist of bohemian bounce, with intricate handmade embellishments and the responsible use of organic fabrics and natural resources.

We make premium branded apparel for modern, urbanite and young-at-heart clients. Our products are fair trade, high craft, comfortable and yet truly unique.

At the core of the company’s values is a passion to make a difference in the world. BoAime supports the women in our workshop with above industry-standard compensation, technical training and skill development. BoAime also seeks to promote flexible work arrangements and a healthy work-life balance. Many of our employees support their extended families in underserved areas throughout rural Vietnam.

In addition, a portion of our profits each year are donated to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to help children that are innocent victims of conflict, disaster and poverty.

Enter a whimsical domain, open your contemporary eye, discover BoAime.

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